Build on Kyo Chain, the complete open source blockchain

Secure the most-trusted, flexible, scalable, and professional blockchain platform across the globe.

What Kyo Chain Can Help You Attain?

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To Build The Revolutionizing Dapps To Upbring Newer Changes To The World.

For The Tokenization Of Objects, Facts, and Events.

To build Smart Contracts for smart ideas

Built On Kyo Chain

We are all about a community that incorporates a shallow pool of ambitious, progressive, revolutionary Dapps, knowledgeable, and results-oriented users.

If you also have popped up with an idea in mind, then let’s integrate it into creating something extraordinary. Kyo Chain extends an all-inclusive kind of grant to be levied on the Kyo Chain platform. Gear yourself to take advantage in every possible aspect.

Blockchain for digital era

Whether you want to build secure cross-payment and instant micro-operations solutions or build stand-alone smart contracts, Kyo Chain Platform leverages you to utilize our platform to get the best of blockchain services and to build a decentralized network.

Build with confidence, passion, and professionalism on the future advanced standards for Blockchain, trusted by the world’s giant organizations.

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Build on the World’s Futuristic & Sophisticated Blockchain Platform

Much faster, secure, and user-friendly Blockchain platform.

5-sec blocks, Instant finality

Over 1000 TPS

Solidity Smart-contracts

web3js Compatible

Decentralized Identity (DID)

Real WorldData Oracles

Cross-chain Bridges

A Distributed System For Secured Transactions- Blockchain!

Kyo Chain helps you to make things a little more simpler & seamless. Transitioning a Dapp from Ethereum or other platforms to Kyo Chain won’t be easier at all. However, we guarantee more tools, increased flexibility, and a paced-up network.

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